The Twinkles formed in October ’96. The band is fronted by the very active guitarist Nick Mess and is rated to the purest 77 punk rock.
After playing many gigs in Italy in June 2000 they debut abroad. From this time the band will play all around Europe getting many consents. Two are the major tours, in 2005 and 2006 that reach Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany.
In Italy they have made memorable performances among which it is worth remembering the one in Giorgione square of Castelfranco Veneto (14 October 2001, in front of 2,000 people) and in Signori square of Treviso (1 February 2002, in front of 5000 people).
In 2004 they take part to three contests: Rockon, Emergenza Festival and Arezzo Wave. In this latter they manage to win a historic third place in the regional final of Veneto.
But the satisfactions are far from over: the punk rock band comes to the finals of Heineken Jammin Festival contest, after being chosen among 2,212 bands across Italy! The Twinkles play on the second stage set up inside the Green Village on Saturday 17 June (Headliner: Metallica + The Darkness, Avenged Seven Fold, Lacuna Coil, Living Thing, Trivium). Surely the most important achievement in the career of the Twinkles.
At the end of 2007 they participate to another competition, Ritmi Globali Europei. Even here after four live performances they reach the final at Teatro Sociale in Treviso and win the critics’ prize in April 2008. In the summer of 2008, the Austrian label Dambuster Records reprint the band’s first and second cd.
In 2009 it’s time of the third European tour that let debut the band for the first time in Switzerland. In March 2010 the band takes the historic landing in the land where punk was born, England. Three dates: Nottingham, Kettering and London where Twinkles support one of the most important British punk band, the 999.
From 2011 to today the band performs new live dates in Italy (Calabria, Sardinia) and Europe (Slovakia, Germany) and is now ready for the launch of the brand new single and the following album awaited with great anxiety by fans.

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